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Training Solutions for Sustainability Professionals

SGS Academy offers a variety of ESG and sustainability courses that are applicable to professionals from every industry. Stay up-to-date on changing requirements and learn more about the opportunities and challenges that sustainability can present your organization with.

Our course catalog includes professional training in all of the following areas:

  • Environmental, Social, & Governance
  • Greenhouse Gas

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All virtual courses can also be conducted on-site at your location! Contact us to inquire about private courses.

ESG Foundation:          For Everyone (2 hrs)

ESG Strategy:                For Leadership (1 day)

Participants will build off foundational ESG and sustainability knowledge to understand and practice stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment,  and effective strategy design with vision, back-casting, goals, policies, and resource allocation. Audience: board, senior leaders, directors, and ESG professionals.

ESG Execution:               For Implementation (1 day)

Participants will build off foundational ESG and sustainability knowledge to understand and practice the 5 stages of performance, accountability, data management, analytics, policies, KP and target setting, funding, evaluation, and review. Audience: data owners, managers, specialists, and ESG professionals.

Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)

ESG Reporting:              For Communications (1 day)

Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)

Participants will build off foundational ESG and sustainability knowledge to understand and practice greenwashing avoidance, the 5 stages of communications, internal vs. external messaging, trust with certification and verification, and reporting frameworks and standards. Audience: marketing, legal, investor relations, and ESG professionals.

Participants will learn ESG and sustainability definitions and history, drivers and challenges, criteria and benefits. Participants will also learn the 5-step cycle organizations navigate to develop ESG strategy and how risk mitigation, leadership, and standards align with each step.
This course is a prerequisite for the other 1-day VILT courses. 

Meeting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria has become an important goal for organizations. SGS Academy offers four modules of professional ESG training specifically suited to key role within your organization's sustainability journey.

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ESG Training Courses

As the ESG & Sustainability champion at my firm, this course was an outstanding introduction. We weren't sure how to begin and this gave me a step-by-step process to develop and implement a strategy for my company. The instructor is knowledgeable, and the learning environment was pleasant.


Graham Payne

Ionics EMS
ESG Foundation: For Everyone

ESG & GHG Courses

GHG Training Courses

GHG 1.
Introduction to Carbon Accounting & Neutrality (ISO 14060 GHG Standards)

Understand GHG accounting and reporting principles and explain the approaches for financial and operational management and reduction.

GHG 2.
Organization Carbon Footprints & Reporting (ISO 14064 - 1: 2018 GHG Protocol)

Learn how to use the calculation methodologies of the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2018 accounting and reporting principles to create a reliable organizational GHG emissions inventory or "carbon footprint".

GHG 3.
Green Gas Project Reductions & Carbon Removals (ISO 14064-2:2019)

Understand how to use the calculation methodology of ISO 14064-2:2019 accounting and reporting principles to create reliable project-level GHG emissions inventories. 

GHG 4.
Product Carbon Footprints & Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14067:2018 & ISO 14026:2017)

Understand how to use the calculation methodology of ISO 14067:2018 accounting and reporting principles to create reliable product-level GHG emissions inventories or “product carbon footprints".

Learn to quantify, measure, monitor, report, and verify your greenhouse gas emissions. SGS Academy offers five GHG training modules.

GHG 5.
Greenhouse Gas Verification & Validation (ISO 14064-3:2019, ISO 14065, ISO 14066 & ISO 17029)

Important training for independent 3rd party verification of claims in relation to climate action and develop professionals with the skills to become qualified GHG Lead Verifiers/Auditors.

Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)Public Course (USA)Public Course (Canada)
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