Batteries: traction battery testing

From 48V-mild hybrid batteries up to one ton batteries for electric road vehicles, our test facilities are designed and equipped for the inspection of cells, modules and whole battery systems. Based in Munich, our laboratory is a recognised partner to the automotive and battery industry, offering a comprehensive range of services.

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Test products, ensure compliance and reach new markets with our automotive testing services for OEMs and your supply chains.

Cybersecurity: verification for automotive products

Pass formal security assessments with comprehensive our pre-evaluation solutions that mitigate risk and optimize outcomes. Compliance with recognized standards and protocols helps manufacturers and developers to reduce liability while delivering competitive advantage in fast-growing global markets.


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Join us in Stuttgart from June 13-15 and talk to one of our experts to find out more about how SGS’s automotive testing services can ease your route to international markets.

Working in partnership with OEMs and your supply chains, we help to produce vehicles whose safety, reliability, durability and compliance can be tested and validated to the highest industry standards.

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Ervin Li, our Auto Connectivity Laboratory Manager, will address delegates on ‘Vehicular antenna performance testing – full vehicle OTA test system.’ Join the presentation on June 13th during the morning session (10.30 - 12.30)

Antenna: vehicle over the air (OTA) performance testing

Meet 5GAA and CTIA requirements with our integrated one-stop, state-of-the-art testing and certification for electric and/or connected vehicles and their networks in the APAC region. We have the only third-party laboratory in the world to: 

  • Use the standard all radio wave scheme to perform vehicle OTA testing 
  • Support both vehicle-level and component-level testing, and simultaneously meet 5GAA, CTIA requirements 

5G FR1 NSA/SA, GNSS, C-V2X and the emerging UWB technology for automobiles in compliance with the 5GAA Vehicular Antenna Test Methodology (VATM) Standard – in another industry first, our system supports these OTA measurements.

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